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Component level professional repair services for audio equipment

Specialized in component level professional service for consumer, audiophile and professional audio equipment Since 1990. Service are availabe for both tube and solid state equipment.

Complete restoration process services for your vintage audio equipment

We offer many levels of restoration depending on the customer's request, and make/model of equipment.

Factory of new Hi-End audio equipment and new accessories

We produce new audio equipment, accessories and maintenance kits for audio equipment.

We started working with high-end audio equipment in 1990 when we made our first time repair.

We take all necessary measures to improve audio equipment reliability and bring him into the highest working condition. All audio equipment are tested and evaluated before and after the repair operation. All calibrations and adjustments are made in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.



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We made any repairs needed to get your unit back to original working condition. We currently service all brands of audio equipment, however we have extensive experience and knowledge with Akai, Sony, Technics, Onkyo, Pioneer, ReVox, Denon, Marantz, Sansui, Yamaha, dbx, McIntosh, Studer and DUAL.

Sometimes, you want more than a repair. You want your vintage equipment to both work and look as good as possible, and to be as original as possible. Over the years, We have developed multiple techniques to restore equipment to as close to original condition as it can be.

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Clients Testimonails

Revox A77 tape deck works perfectly. It has never been so quiet. Thank you very much for this quality repair.

Nicolae C. Bucuresti, Romania
Customer Testimonails

I listen to this Pioneer TX-9500 tuner almost every day. You did very good work on it. I love it... Thank you!

Marius P. Baia Mare, Romania
Customer Testimonails

Tape Deck the AKAI GX-4000 have broken mechanics. Now mechanics work well. Thanks a lot for this repair!

Sorin D. Giurgiu, Romania

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